Friday, July 20, 2007

I Have to Write an Article but I Can't Get Started by Joann Snell

I have to write an article but I don't know where to begin. What topic should I use for today? This blank page is driving me crazy! Nothing is rolling out onto the computer screen! What's happening to me? Oh, no! It can't be! It's ... Writers Block!! Have you ever had this happen to you? Let's see what can be causing this evil writers block. Then maybe it can be over come.

Well, this is what I have come up with. The top four reasons for writers block are Editing instead of Composing, Perfectionism, Concentration or lack there of, and Procrastinating. Do any of these phrases fit your profile for not being able to write? Let's go through them one by one so we can cut to the chase. That deadline is getting awfully close. We need to get busy and write that article.

The first road block is composing instead of editing. No, that's not quite right. Let me fix that last sentence. It should read: The first road block to overcome is composing the first draft instead of editing it. Yes, that is much better. Now let's continue writing. Hold it; I need to correct the spelling of this word. Alright let's continue.

Next we have perfectionism. Now let me see, I need a really good first line. How can I start my articles first line to grab the reader's attention? I can't start to write until I figure out what that first line is going to say. Wow, this could take hours! I'll never make my deadline!

Lack of total concentration is another culprit that keeps Writers Block going. What was that? The kids are screaming, the phone is ringing, and I have to take care of ageing parents! How can anyone think about writing with all this going on? I see, it is hard to concentrate with daily life situations happening.

Finally, the last culprit of writers block is procrastination. We've all done it. We tell ourselves we have plenty of time to write later. I have to do this first. Or you just hate to write to begin with. These are all valid reasons to procrastinate. Or are they?

There it is, some of the evil causes of Writers Block. Now that we know what is causing our dilemma we can be better prepared to deal with it. How? You ask. Just sit down and write what ever is on your mind. Go on a babbling spree and see what you end up with. Don't worry whether it sounds great or has punctuation or grammar mistakes. You can fix those later. Imagine yourself in a good vacation spot so you can think better. That should help clear your mind of distracting messages. Lastly, just do what you gotta do...Write!

About the Author
Joann Snell is a freelance Graphic Designer. She specializes in print, corporate id, branding, and other marketing tools for small-medium sized businesses. Article by Joann Snell ©2007, July 18 Jo's Graphic Designs

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