Saturday, May 26, 2007

How To Write A Short Story (Part 3)

Writing short stories can be very valuable to building your writing career. Short stories are also a very quick way to put your feelings on paper. Starting to write short stories can be a tough endeavor but the more you write the better you will get. In the next couple of weeks I will be submitting a 10 part series on how to write your short story. This will be the third edition on how to write short stories.

You Have To Build Your Character

It is important to make your character bigger then real life. The key to this is knowing more about the character then you will ever need or use in your story. Below I will make a list of character traits that you should think about for your character.

Name, age, job, ethnicity, appearance, residence, something hated, secrets, strong memories, any illnesses, nervous gestures, sleep patterns, favorite colors, friends, favorite foods, drinking patterns, phobias, faults, pets, religion, hobbies, marital status, kids, temperament.

It’s really only important that you build all these traits for your character. The reader doesn’t have to know all of them but they will help you when you are making your character believable for your reader. There is however four important areas that your reader needs to know.

Appearance- Your reader does have to be able to visualize what your character looks like.
Actions- You have to describe actions so that your reader can understand what kind of person your character is.
Speech- Your character has to be always talking. This will develop him quicker as a character instead of just announcing important facts.
Thoughts- You have to show your characters memories, fears, hopes or whatever feelings you would like. This will bring your character into the readers mind.

This is just a brief outline into building an identity for your character that the reader can identify with and also believe in. This is the end of my third article on how to write a short story. I make these tips available because I think there is an author in everyone. Just because you write doesn’t mean you have to get paid for it. You should first and foremost write because you love it and everything will eventually fall into place.

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