Saturday, February 16, 2008

To be disciplined.

Although writing requires a free flow approach, being disciplined is the corner stone for success. More often than not we can find ourselves in a bit of a quandary and get confused. I for one found that I had a lot of ideas but getting down to implement them was a bit of a tough one. What I personally have found very useful is jotting things down as they come to my head and making a 'to do' list in the mornings before I commence my daily work. Working from home can make us a little unorganized so being tough on ourselves a little bit does help.
For example this morning I have made a list starting with going through each blog one by one. Then on my list is checking emails etc. So when I go through jobs one by one,if I finish in time and there is a little time left over I will utilize that for any promting I may need to do, or learning something new like the forex article I was sent last night in my email.
So getting down to the crunch means being disciplined. Once you can acheive that, half the job is done.

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