Monday, March 10, 2008

More choice for writers.

Now with the advent of the Internet there are so many more ways for the little writer to earn money working from home. In olden times one would have to write books and novels or for newspapers and periodicals to earn a crust but now with so much advertising done online and so much more busines being conductedthrough the web, little people like me can earn part of the crust by writing for different companies and advertising their products through blogs, ezines and on forums. This is a great way to supplement the family income and I have at least managed to pay a bill or two through this advertising revenue.
I am hopign to be able to earn a few hundred bucks a month through writing so that I can eventuallyt buy my own home and pay it off within five years of buying it so I don't have a mortgage for very long. I do hope others reading these articles will gain some inspiration and put fingers to keyboards and start tapping away for extra money. Some professional bloggers and writers earn thousands of dollars a month. I am more busy with investments where is where I earn most of my pie from but I hope in the future I can earn more through writing too.

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