Monday, March 10, 2008

Writing Ezines.

Writing ezine articles are another way to indirectly earn revenue and gain calibre for your writing skills. Ezines can be submitted to various publishers online and you can write about any subject you think your readers will find informative like say how to make money online or better parenting skills. The list is endless and many people now are resorting to this type of indirect advertising that usually links back to either the business they want to advertise or the blgo they wish to advertise which could be what they want to get people to read up on.
I am thinking seriously of going down this route once I have a little time on my hand as your reputation grows if you write good articles and well written quotes for various subjects, especially if it is subject matter that is really hot on the agenda like Global Warming for example. So you can see there are many ways now in which you can earn money and reputation points for your writing online.

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