Monday, March 10, 2008

Paid to post forums.

Another way to earn money from your writing skills is to join the numerous paid to post forums that give you a few cents per spost for replyiong to other people's posts as well as starting your own threads. I am amyself a member of a few and when I have some spare time I write in the forums and at the time I get to their minimum cashout..
I request a cashout and get paid. It is quiote noce to get the odd bit of extra cash here and there and as some of the forums also are business related I also make more contacts for my other business ventures so I kill two birds in one stone. I don't just waste my time writing posts in the hope of getting some more people in my business programs but I also earn some cash while doing it. I think this is great also for newbies on the Net wanting to start to earn some cash from scratch.

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