Thursday, February 22, 2007


Hey every one. My name is Dale Mazurek and I am the one writing a bunch of the stories that are coming from TRIOND. I thought I would write a little tale to tell you about me.
I was born in Vegreville, Alberta, Canada on May 6th 1967. I married a beautiful woman by the name of Jackie in 1988. I have three wonderful boys. Steven is 20, Cameron is 17 and Joshua is 15. We now live in Red Deer Alberta. I have been working in the oil patch in Alberta for about 16 years. I have a few passions in life. They are family, fishing and writing. My dream would to be a professional fisherman or a professional writer.
I am in a position now in my career where I can dedicate more time to my writing. My goal is to be living off my writing in 10 years. My passion is fiction. Stephen King, John Saul, Dean Koonts and John Grisham are the writers I read most with Stephen king being my favorite.
So far the stories I have wrote have mostly been fiction with the exception of a few. I haven’t absolutely let loose on my style because I’m scared it won't get published here but I may have to try and find out.
Anyways i’m going to end this now but I would like to ask the assistance of anybody that can help. I am always looking at places to write and make money. I’m not scared to write other stuff than fiction so if anyone has some good sites they can suggest I would definitely have a look at them.

Thanks Dale Mazurek

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