Sunday, February 25, 2007


Jake was in his kitchen with his credit cards out on the table. He had them split up into different piles with different names. Jake had been pulling this scam for a couple of years now and in all honesty he was quite sure that he had made a serious profit but now it was time to make all of these aliases disappear. It felt like he was starting to get greedy so his decision was to make all the made up names disappear for a few years and make sure there was no heat on him.
This all started about three years ago. It actually all happened by mistake. Jake was filling out a credit card application. While doing it he was thinking about his best friend for some reason and on the application he put his first name and his buddy’s last name with out even realizing it. About 6 weeks later a credit card came in the mail. When Jake opened it up he was surprised to see the name on the card. Jake was quick to call the card company and let them know what had happened. They were quick to ask him to send it back and they thanked him for his honesty.
Later that afternoon Jake was lying on the couch thinking about the credit card. He was also thinking about he was always struggling to make ends meet. Then like a light bulb in his head he had what he thought to be a brilliant idea. Jake immediately went downtown and rented a mailbox anonymously. He then headed to the library to use the internet to apply for a credit card under someone else’s name. He used the library computer so nothing could be traced back to his computer. After that all he could do was wait.
About five and a half weeks later he went to the rented mailbox and finally there was a piece of mail inside. Jake quickly opened it and inside was a credit card with a limit of 10000 dollars that couldn’t be traced back to him. The name on the front of the card was Brian Sonpe. Jake didn’t even know if there was really someone out there with that name but one thing he knew was that he was excited to go out and start spending and to make sure the card was going to work. Once uptown he was able to find out very quickly that he would have no problem with the card. Jake headed back to the library.
When he left the library this time he had applied for ten credit cards under ten different names. He then went out and continued spending on his new credit card. About 5 weeks later his card limit was met so he wanted some new credit cards. Within a week of running out of money on his card he had replies to all 10 of the applications that he had sent. Out of 10 he had 3 rejections and 7 new cards valued at 85000 dollars. Holy shit Jake was excited now.
Well the years went on and this seemed so easy. Jake was living the good life. He had probably wrecked a lot of people’s credit scores but he didn’t care. However lately he had started to have some weird feelings. So he decided that it was time to destroy his aliases, destroy all the cards, get back to his normal life and go on with his life with his normal name. He had lived a good life and was able to put money away so that he figured he could lay low for a couple of years and then he could start over again.
It was about three months later. Jake very rarely thought about his illegal doings. When he did think about it he thought about how he figured he was scott free but little did he know there was a lot of bad men closing in and catching up to him very quickly.
It was a Saturday afternoon when it all started. Jake was driving around down town in his charger when all of a sudden out of no where some guy in a black jacket walked out in front of his car, held a gun up. In a split second all of jakes credit card dealings came back to him in a split second. He had to make a quick decision and that was whether he should stop or keep driving , run this guy down and get the hell out of here because there was no doubt in his mind that they were on to him. The only thing confusing was the gun. He wasn’t sure how credit card companies dealt with delinquency but he felt like if he didn’t hurry up and get out of here he was going to find out really quick. So the decision was made and Jake hit the accelerator watched the gun man pull off one shot that just barely missed Jakes head. The body flew over the car and landed very hard on the pavement behind him. Jake couldn’t tell if he killed the guy. He could see him lying on the road and he could see that the guy wasn’t moving but he knew he want sticking around to find out.
The rest happened very fast. Jake looked up and there were 3 Cadillac escalades blocking the road. Jake had no choice but to stop because he knew he wouldn’t be able to muscle his way through this barricade. When he did stop he was quickly met by several men holding guns. They hurried him out of his car and into one of the escalades. Jake had no idea where he was been taken but he knew that wherever it was there was no way it could be good.
Finally they stopped at what looked like an old gas station. The gun men escorted him into the back door where there were a couple of other guys waiting. Jake was pushed into a chair and then he heard the explanation.
The man was a short balding guy. He looked like he was about 50 years old and he definitely didn’t look like he belonged in this crowd. Jake, however was about to find out that looks can very easily be deceiving. The man explained to Jake that he was representing the credit card companies and they weren’t very happy about losing about 2 million dollars. He was also told that he had 15 minutes to come up with the money. Jake and his captor both knew that pay back wasn’t an option so Jake was about to find out what option B was.
An hour later Jake found himself on a plane. He didn’t know where he was been taken but he was about to find out. The bald man was on the plane with them. After a couple of minutes the guy began explaining to Jake what was going to happen. First he threw him a bottle of water and advised him to drink as much as he could. He explained that they wouldn’t be killing Jake but rather they would be dropping him off in the dessert outside of Iraq. He explained to Jake that there would be no civilization for 500 miles any way he went. He would only have the parachute. He would have no clothes, no water and no food. Then the man continued to explain to him that by some streak of luck he was to make it to refuge somewhere that his face was posted all over the country for the rape and murders of ten little girls all under the age of ten.
Jake wasn’t a dummy. He knew he was done for. These guys had put a lot of thought into this. He knew there was no sense arguing or pleading. Finally about 15 hours later Jake was ordered to undress, put on the parachute and then he was quickly pushed out of the plane and just like that it was all over.
Once on the ground Jake had no idea what was going to happen but what he was sure of was that he was walking dead. He decided to take the parachute with him if not for anything else but to cover him up and keep a little of his dignity before he dies. Jake headed in the direction that the sun was setting. In his mind all he could think about was how his greed got him here. Only for a brief second he wished for a second chance but decided to suck it up and keep walking until his punishment over took him.

Dale Mazurek

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