Friday, February 23, 2007

Bargain Price Murder

Every day things seemed to be getting a lot weirder around Jakes house. His parents seemed to be spending all their free time down in the basement and any time he tried to go down they would yell at him to stay up stairs. When they were upstairs all they did was sit in front of the television with a blank stare on their faces. Now his sister that was a different story in a same kind of way. She too was acting weird but her weirdness was totally different from his parents. In the last month she had gone from a sweet 14 year old to what he was looking at now. A girl all dressed in black with white make up all over her face. She had three rings in her lip about ten in each ear, two in each eye brow and three in her nose. She was also listening to music which contained death in every lyric. He had no idea what was going on but it was scaring him and he was bound and determined to find out.
That night while lying in bed he heard his mom and dad coming down the hallway so he pretended to be sleeping when they walked into his room and looked over him. He had to be careful when he took a look at them because he didn’t want them to know that he was awake. The look in their eyes almost got Jake up and running for his life. They were looking at him like they were deciding to let him live or not. About two minutes later the couple both looked up at one another, nodded their heads, turned around and walked out. To him it looked like they had just made a decision about something and he was pretty sure that something had something to do with him. Jake knew that sleep at this point wasn’t going to happen until he figured what the hell was going on and he decided that tomorrow would be the day that he tried.
Jake made his way to school the next morning but it was all a diversion. He didn’t want anyone to get suspicious on what he was doing. After the first period bell rang Jake snuck out of school and headed home. He wasn’t 100 percent sure but what he did know was that his parents should both be at work. Would they be? He was about to find out. When he got home the cars were gone and the door was locked but that wasn’t enough to let Jake let his guard down. He entered the house very quietly just hoping no one would be inside. As far as he could tell the house was empty. Jake headed straight to the basement door.
He had to make a decision once at the door. He had no clue how to pick a lock so the only way in would be to break the lock. He had no clue how much trouble he was going to get into and another thing he didn’t know was what was waiting on the other side for him. He knew he had to take some chances because he was pretty sure that his parents were planning on making some sort of move on him pretty soon. He decided to break the lock and suffer the consequences later.
Just as he was about to nail the lock with the hammer he had found in the garage he saw that he could just remove the screws from the hasp. This way he would be able to put them back and maybe there would be a better chance that no one would figure out that he was down there if indeed there was something being hid down there. Ten minutes later he was making his way down the stairs.
At first glance everything downstairs looked normal but then he saw something that threw terror into his soul. The table in the corner was covered in blood. There were trays underneath that had chunks of meat or something lying in pools of blood. Jakes head began to spin he knew that if he didn’t gather himself rather quickly he was going to faint down here. He took about a minute to gather some senses. He still didn’t have a clue what was going on but now he wanted to find out. He snooped around for a couple more minutes not finding anything else until he noticed the potato storage room door. He didn’t want to open the door but something inside him was telling him that a lot of the answers were inside there.
Jake got to the door, hesitated for a moment and then pulled it open. He was shocked at what he saw. It wasn’t what he expected but definitely weird. There was a hallway that led under ground. It was a creepy looking hall way. Maybe something you would see in a Harry Potter movie. There were torches hanging on the walls that were dirt. There was no architecture here but just a crude hallway. Jakes senses were telling him not to go down that hallway but at this point his curiosity was stronger then his senses.
Jake just kept walking until he got to a door on his right hand side. He was still curious but now his senses took over and they ordered him to get the hell out of there. He wanted so badly to open that door but instead he turned around and started running. He ran back to the basement, closed the cellar door and ran up the stairs. He took about 3 minutes to screw the hasp back on and then he left the house. He knew he had to find out what was behind that door but he didn’t want to go in with out some insurance. He decided that he needed to get a gun.
Jake was underage and didn’t have a lot of money. He was in three pawnshops before some one finally decided to give him the time of day. Actually in this store Jake had a gun in 10 minutes. There was no paper trail and Jake walked out as if nothing happened. He had no idea how to even use a gun but somehow he felt better now that he had it. His first reaction was to wait until the following morning to go back to the basement but then he remembered the look on his parent’s faces and he wasn’t even sure he would be around in the morning. He headed back to the house.
Jake didn’t have to think about it this time. He wasted no time with the screws. He took the hammer and pulled the hasp right off the wall. He was pretty sure that as of right now it didn’t matter anymore. This time there was nothing slow about his actions. He was at the door in the hallway in less then two minutes. However before opening the door he decided to put his ear up against it to see if he could hear anything. All was silent. He didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing. But he had no time to wait. It was now or never. Jake pushed the door open.
Once inside he needed a moment for his eyes to adjust to the light but once they did he wished they hadn’t. What he saw was something you should only ever have to see in a horror movie. There were about 200 tables set up with bodies on everyone of them. The bodies looked like monsters. There was no doubt that these were once human and there was no doubt that there was both male and female but other than that they could only be described as monsters. He didn’t even know if these hideous creatures were dead or alive and he all of a sudden decided that he didn’t want to be here any more. He didn’t want to know if these creatures were alive so he turned to leave. Just then he was pretty sure he would never leave. At the doorway standing there was two dark figures. He couldn’t see them very well but he knew it was his parents and somehow he knew he wasn’t going to escape this room alive.
In a couple seconds his suspicions were confirmed. His dad started talking. He proceeded to tell Jake that he shouldn’t have come down here. If only he would have minded his own business then all would have been good for Jake. His dad told him that he could have done anything he wanted in exchange for silence. He was told that all was too late now. He had seen too much and there was no way he could take a chance on Jake leading someone here ho shouldn’t be here.
Jake was terrified. He had no clue as to what was going on but now he didn’t want to find out. But what he wanted and what he was going to get were two different things.
He just sat back and listened in horror as his dad begun explaining what was going on down here. He told Jake that what he was seeing in here was a colony of mutants. They were being raised to take over the country. He explained that it looked small now but each one of these mutants equaled twenty grown men in strength and intelligence and at rate it wouldn’t take long. He explained to his son that they would start small and get bigger as they took on more recruits which led into his father’s next question. He asked Jake to be a recruit. He had no idea how he would become a recruit be he knew he had no interest either. He just shook his head.
At that very moment Jake knew it was all over. He watched his parents emotionless faces disappear behind the closing door. A couple seconds later the lights turned on inside the room. He was able to see that he was standing in the middle of the room and also that there was a lot more than 200 of these mutants but rather about 2000. He wasn’t at all surprised when these things started waking up. He knew it was time to use the gun he bought. Oh Jake wasn’t dumb enough to think that he was going to take these things on but rather when he bought the gun he had only two shells put in it. One was to blow his brains out if something like this happened and the second was in case the first didn’t work.
Jake had a few seconds to think about his childhood. He remembered a fun loving family. There was never anything out of the ordinary. There was no doubt in his mind that his parents loved him. They never gave him a reason to doubt this. He couldn’t figure out what happened but he was running out of time. The mutants were only seconds away from him now. He had no final words. He just put the gun to his temple, pulled the trigger and for Jake the horror was over.

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