Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Don’t Let The Past Come Back To Haunt You

Jake was walking around his new house. It wasn’t actually a new house and it really wasn’t that new to him. This was the house that he grew up in for the first twenty years of his life before he moved out on his own. It was now twenty years later and about a month earlier his parents were killed in a horrible car accident that involved a drunk driver running into their car killing them instantly. Of course the drunk walked away with out barely a scratch but that’s a story for another time. So now Jake had acquired his parent’s house through their will.
So Jake was walking around the house wondering what he was going to do with it. He and his wife already had a house of their own about 300 kilometers away where their jobs were so moving into it really wasn’t an option they could even think about. Jake knew he had two options. One was to rent the place out and the second was to sell. One thing he knew for sure was that no matter which option he chose the house needed to be fixed up a little. He needed to modernize it a bit. The contractor that Jake wanted to hire was suppose to be over any second to go through with Jake what he wanted to do then the contractor could give him an estimate and they could get started. The sooner the work got done then that was when Jake could go ahead and start making some money off the property.
4 hours later Jake and the contractor had finished their walk through and the estimate came in at around 20000dollars. This was a number that Jake definitely thought to be fair considering the amount of work he wanted done. There were rooms that some walls were going to be torn out of, lots of paint and tiles were going to go in and of course the job required a lot of labor. The contractor agreed to get a start on the job the following morning. Jake told him that he would be around town for about three days so he would come by and see how things were going before he left town.
The following morning Jake was startled by his cell phone ringing. He was already uptown and wasn’t expecting any calls. When he answered the phone he knew there was a problem. It was the contractor and you could hear the terror in his voice as he was telling Jake that he should get to the house immediately. When Jake asked him what the problem was he refused to talk about it on the phone. Jake jumped in his jeep and hurried over to the house.
Once there he was barely in the door when his contractor grabbed him by the arm and started dragging him upstairs just like a kid would when trying to show his parents something that they would consider disturbing or scary. Jake had no clue as to what was going on but he was pretty sure it was dam important. Jake walked into the room and the contractor pointed at something that almost made Jake faint.
There in one of the walls that had been started to be ripped apart was a skeleton. The reason Jake almost fainted was because he knew exactly whose skeleton it was and he had forgot about it after all these years but now it was all coming back like it was yesterday. Jake had been 17 years old when he put the body inside the wall. Jake had a relationship with a girl 14 years old and her father found out. So one day the father came over looking for jakes parents. He was bound and determined to have Jake charged with rape. Well Jakes parents weren’t home and he was bound and determined to not be charged with rape. The man was yelling at Jake and throwing all kinds of insults at him when Jake felt himself just snap. He grabbed the first thing he could find which just happened to be a cowboy boot and he beat the man to death. It was only after he had done what he did that he realized it. Jake was so determined to not be charged with rape that he didn’t even think of murder.
Jake had no idea what he was going to do but he knew he didn’t want to go to jail. He came up with a very quick plan which turned out to be fool proof until now some 23 years later. Jake dragged the body upstairs to the spare room that he was working on for his dad. He wrapped the body in about 30 layers of poly, stuck it in the wall and put dry wall over it.
For the next six months everybody was looking for this man. Jake had been questioned 3 times but he stuck to his story each time. Then after about six months everything seemed to quiet down and no one was searching any more. After about two years Jake had blocked the whole thing out of his mind until this very moment when everything was brought back to the surface.
The contractor was absolutely freaked out but he put the fear in Jake when he told him he had to report this. Jake knew he had to be calm but he also knew that there was no way this was going to get reported. Jake looked around and saw the same boot that he used in the first murder laying beside the skeleton in the wall. He reached down and picked it up. His contractor started freaking out because he figured Jake shouldn’t be touching anything. He barely got his second sentence out when Jake leveled him with the same boot he used for murder 23 years ago.
Jake spent the next two days fixing up the wall with the skeleton and now with the new body behind it. This little turn of events also helped him make his decision on renting or selling. He wanted nothing to do with the place so as he was driving away he called a realtor in town and asker her to handle the sale. He asked her to just give him a call and they could do all the signing by fax. This time when Jake drove away he was pretty sure he would never be back.

Dale Mazurek

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