Thursday, February 22, 2007


In the evil, evil world of back door devils what do you do when you get home from a night out with your wife and you walk in the house at midnight and your 5 and 6 year old kids are running around eating sugar donuts and drinking pop. The babysitter is on the sofa with her boyfriend, the house is a disaster, ice cream is spilt on the floor and everything else is in turmoil.
Well the first thing you do is lock the key dead bolt and put the key in your pocket. Now it is time for the Underground Parent Society to kick in. This society is an underground organization that deals with children that knowingly make wrong decisions. It has to be an underground thing because of the way these children are dealt with.
Now that the house is locked down you can get your kids upstairs, settled down and put to bed with out worrying about the baby sitter leaving. By the time you get back down the stairs the sitter knows something weird is going on and to no avail her and the boyfriend are trying to escape from the house. What you have to remember is that this is a parent society and more likely than not the parents of both these kids are probably a part of it.
With out hesitation you convince the kids to head down stairs with you bringing up the rear. At the bottom of the stairs your wife is waiting. When she sees you she opens a door that looks like it should go into a closet or something. But once opened there wasn’t a closet behind it but rather a series of tunnels. At this point you could see that the kids were horrified as they were being pushed down one of the hall ways. To the kids it felt like they had been walking an hour but in actuality it was only about 2 minutes before they came to another door. This door was marked DECISION ROOM. They went through the door.
Once through this door they walked past a room with about 15 people sitting inside. These people were watching hundreds and hundreds of cameras. The kids quickly realized that these people were pretty much watching every room in every house in this little town. Finally they got to the room they were headed to. The wife opened the door while the husband pushed the kids through.
Once inside, the door slammed behind the kids but they barely even noticed this because they were amazed at what they saw. There was a small arena in the middle of the room full of thousands of people in the stands. None of the people were recognizable because they were all wearing hooded robes. What was astonishing to the kids was that with the amount of people in here it was so silent that you could have heard a pin drop. Before they could think of anything there was a long line up of hooded people walking towards them with assorted weapons in their hands. They had canes, lashes, belts and many other various weapons. The kids tried running but quickly realized there was no where to go. Suddenly the pain started coming. It was excruciating and it wasn’t long before the pain was too much and both kids finally succumbed to the pain. The last thing they remembered before passing out was all the blood and the never ending line waiting to use their respective weapons.
They didn’t know how long they had been out but what they did know when they woke up was that they were in a hospital and they were feeling pain that they thought would never go away. As the day went on nurses and doctors were in and out. The kids tried to talk to these adults about what happened but no one seemed to be listening. Finally sometimes towards the end of the day their parents came into the room. The kids were relieved because finally some one would listen. At least that’s what they thought. They quickly realized that everything they were trying to tell there parents were falling on deaf ears, but something happened. Both fathers stood up and unbuttoned their shirts and let them fall to the floor. Almost immediately the kids knew what was going on and they knew where their lives would go from here.
Their father’s backs were covered with scars. They immediately knew why the crime rate was so low in their town. They always wondered why no one left and no one new ever came to the town but now they understood. Their fathers put their shirts back on and nothing else had to be said. The kids knew 2 thing for sure whether they liked it or not. One was that they would never do anything wrong again and secondly they knew that someday they would probably have to inflict this pain on their own kids or someone else’s.

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