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Jake was out of his mind. It has been 3 months since his brother was killed in a car crash than involved a drunk driver in the other vehicle. Danny was not only Jakes brother but he was also his best friend. The two were less than a year apart in age with Danny being older. Jake looked up to Danny and always went to him for approval or to share secrets whether they were good or bad. Jake just couldn’t accept the fact that he could never see or talk to his brother again. He decided there was something he could do about it. Jake decided to stop being only Jake and decided he would be both himself and his dead brother. After all who knew Danny better than Jake?
So for everyone around Jake the next few weeks would turn out to be very freaky and very scary for some that were closely involved. It all started when Jake showed up in his brothers classes at school. He imitated Danny perfectly. Even though everyone around him knew this was some screwed up shit no one wanted to say anything fearing there would be retribution. After all if someone was capable of this lunacy then who knew what else he could do. However behind the scenes there was some action being taken to try and get Jake the help he needed.
One day as Jakes mom was walking past her son’s room she heard him having a conversation with somebody. To her this was odd because she knew no one had come home with Jake and she was pretty sure no one came after that. She listened in and was shocked at what she heard. Her son was having a conversation with him acting as both people in the conversation. She was so shocked that she couldn’t even remember what the conversation was about. Instead of interrupting her son she decided that she would wait and tell her husband about it. Her husband told her to just leave it alone. He was sure it was just Jakes way of dealing with the death of his brother.
A couple more weeks went by and things sure didn’t get any better in fact they got considerably worse. Jake as Danny was trying to go out with his dead brother’s girl friend. He was kicked out of school. The explanation his parents were getting was that they had to get this straightened out because Jake was starting to scare the hell out of people. In fact to most people it looked like Jake was slowly disappearing and Danny was taking over. So finally his parents decided to seek professional help. As the days went on some days were majority Jake others were mostly Danny and yet others were equally both. The help wasn’t working. Jakes parents were getting no sleep because they were worried about the mental state of their son.
Jakes father had an idea. You have to remember jakes dad was a carpenter so he had no experience in the human mind or how it worked but what he did have was a very strong love for his son. He decided that he and his wife would take Jake and they would go and visit Danny’s grave. Their hopes were that this would be very direct and hopefully Jake would snap out of his trance and maybe just maybe life could start getting back to normal. But little did they know was that this tactic would back fire so bad that it would forever change their lives.
The day came to go to Danny’s grave. Jakes parents were very nervous. They new there was a chance that things could go wrong today but in no way were they ever prepared for how things would spiral out of control. It took only a matter of seconds after Jake reading the grave for things to turn for the worst.
Almost immediately Jake was gone from his brain and it was 100 percent Danny. He started yelling. He was asking them what kind of cruel joke this was. He was yelling for Jake. He wanted to see Jake but of course there was no one else around. Jake took off running. No one knew it yet but he was about to start a bout of mass destruction on anything or anybody that got in his way. He had only one mission and that was to find his brother. Anybody that got in his way that day didn’t know how lucky they were because Jake at this point didn’t care. He was willing to kill anybody if he had to. He had one mission and that was to find out who was in that grave. He had a clue that it was his brother but fir the life of him he couldn’t figure out why his parents would bury his brother and then put his name on the tomb stone.
Later that night armed with the tools he figured he would need he headed towards the graveyard. Even for him being in the state of mind he was in it was still scary entering a grave yard in the middle of the night. Jake firstly did whatever it took to destroy the tombstone with the name Danny on it. By the time he finished with the sledge hammer the grave marker was unrecognizable. Now it was time to see who was in this grave and see what kind of cruel joke this was.
It took Jake about 2 hours to get all the dirt off the top of the cement tomb. Now he had to figure out how he would get inside that. Well all he had was a sledge hammer so he figured it would have to do. Well now it was three hours later and he was using the same sledge hammer to get into the coffin. Now the locks were broken and it was time for Jake to come face to face with who ever was in the coffin.
You have to remember that at this point Jake was convinced that he was his older dead brother so when he saw the body in the coffin it looked like he was looking at himself. At first glance it was shock and then Jake went crazy. He started knocking over headstones, ripping out flowers and wrecking pretty much anything that was in his way. After about 10 minutes of this something weird happened. Jake started coming back and pushing Danny out of his mind.
We of course would think that this would be a good thing but as it turned out it was a very bad situation. The next day jakes parents came out to the graveyard where their son was buried because they got an early morning call that there was a problem with the grave. Once there the police detective explained sympathetically that their son’s grave had been seriously vandalized. He explained to them that they were pretty sure that the culprit was Jake. Now the big news came. The officer broke the news to them that Jake was found in the grave dead laying with his older brother. He was pretty sure that Jakes death was a result of suicide but he couldn’t confirm that until the boy was sent for an autopsy. The last thing he showed them was a letter that had on it only 3 words NO MORE CONFUSION.

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