Saturday, February 24, 2007


Jake couldn’t pack fast enough. He knew he had to get out of town and he knew he had to get out fast. Being the town treasurer was good if not great for a few years but now they were on to him and he knew if he didn’t get on the road he would be spending a lot of time in jail. Through the years having control of all the money in the town was all too tempting. It went from just a few dollars to now having a few million dollars in an off shore account. He knew that if he didn’t get out of here it would be a very long time before he ever got to spend any of that cash.
Jake had already made up his mind that there was no way he was going to jail. So if things went well there would be no problems. He didn’t want to think how things would go if he was pushed into a corner. With that thought he checked the clip on his 9 mm and put his hunting knife in his boot. He slipped the gun into the back of his pants Hollywood style
Jake walked out of his apartment door with everything he needed to get out of the country. He had his laptop, passport and the papers needed to get access to the money he had. It sucked having to look over his shoulder all the time but soon that would be all over. He just had to make it through the next couple of hours until he could get to the airport and get on to his freedom flight.
As soon as he walked into the airport he knew there was going to be problems. It wasn’t his imagination. They were all over the airport and they were there for only one reason. They were there to get him. In his mind he reinforced the fact that there was no way he was going to jail. There was also no doubt in his mind that things were about to get really bad. Jake hadn’t put any thought into what he would do in this scenario so he was just going to fly by the seat of his pants and see what happened. Jake continued walking towards the boarding ramp. He was sure there was no way they were going to let him get on the plain so he was very surprised when he was let through to walk the aisle to the plane.
Once on the plane Jake started to feel a little better. Even though it looked like everyone on the plane was looking at him he couldn’t understand why they weren’t doing anything. Maybe he was just being paranoid. Maybe he was ahead of them. He became convinced of this once the plane started taxing down the run way because there was no way they would let him take off if they were really here and onto him. Once they were in the air Jake felt like about 2 tons were lifted off his shoulders. He was sure he was home free.
A couple hours later Jake woke up to 3 machine guns in his face. He was pretty sure he was dreaming so he closed his eyes and opened them again but nothing changed and he quickly realized it wasn’t a dream. Instinctly he tried to fight for a second but quickly realized that fighting was a waste of time. How, why, what was going on? Why were they doing this now? Then he noticed something else. He wasn’t the only one with a gun in his face. Many of the passengers had guns in their faces. He quickly realized that this had nothing to do with his fraudulent behavior over the years but rather the plane was being hijacked. He couldn’t believe his luck.
Jake decided he wanted to live so he asked to talk to someone in charge. Once he was given that opportunity he was quick to try and buy his freedom. Off shore Jake had three accounts totaling 3.5 million dollars. He decided to keep quiet about the half million and offer the other 3 million to try and buy his freedom. The man that was supposedly the leader listened intently as Jake explained to him how to get the 3 million dollars. To Jake it looked like his negotiations were going very well. He opened the briefcase and proceeded to write instructions to get the money out. Finally what seemed to be the last piece of the puzzle was to hand over the brief case.
Everything looked like it was going well. His captors had moved him to the front of the plane. The kidnapper had assured Jake that he would get his freedom. Jake sat their in silence for half an hour thinking about all the irony in this situation. He was at least going to be free. He wouldn’t have as much money but he was sure that everything would be fine.
Jake was wakened from his day dream with two men grabbing him by the arms and taking him towards the front of the plane. They stopped at a door with his face facing a sign that said emergency exit. Jake wasn’t sure what was going on but he had an idea that he was about to be thrown off the plane. He quickly began to struggle and yell. He was questioning there agreement. The leader came back and assured Jake that they were keeping their word and he would get his freedom. Then all at once the emergency door was opened and he had no time to think about it before he realized he was falling to the ground. It seemed like he had forever to think. He couldn’t figure out why these guys went back on their promise but just before he hit the ground he realized they didn’t break their promise. They gave him his freedom and the last thing he said before he hit the ground was thanks.

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