Thursday, March 1, 2007

Find It If You Can

It was a typical Saturday night in Bradonville. A town of about 5000 people but 60 percent of them being senior citizens, 25 percent adults and the rest being children under 18. So what was there to do on a Saturday night for two underage teenagers? Well one option is to go find a bush party somewhere but Jake and Dallas didn’t feel like partying so they would go with option B for the night. That option was to drive around and try to not get into too much trouble even though they planned on pushing the limits. The boys actually had a plan and the more they talked about it the more they laughed.
The boys were in Jakes 89 Dodge Ram. Even though old the truck was perfectly kept and maintained. The night was still young and Jake and Dallas were just driving around looking at stuff. Women or other teenage girls were what they were mostly looking at. You have to understand in a small town like this pretty much every body knows everybody else. It was definitely a quiet night in Bradonville.
At around ten o’clock their first opportunity came up to have some fun. They pulled up behind a police car at one of the two sets of lights in town. The boys decided to have some fun with this. When the light turned green the boys followed the cop car. They stayed a safe distance behind and didn’t do anything illegal. The boys could tell that the cop was getting frustrated. He started taking some pretty tricky routes but some how the boys managed to keep up to the cop. Finally the cop turned on his flashers signaling for the boys to stop. They did and waited for the cop to walk over to the truck. Of course he questioned them on their tactics. The boys said they were just trying to have some Saturday night fun. The cop was actually pretty nice. He explained that what they were doing wasn’t illegal but rather annoying. He asked the boys to stop. They didn’t want to push their luck so they agreed.
About two hours later the boys came across their second opportunity to raise a little hell with out getting into trouble. They were driving around and heard through the grapevine that there was a stop check by the Homesteader Hotel. They stopped at the 7-11 and bought some glasses and orange juice and out it on the seat between them. So now the boys headed towards the check stop but before reaching it they took a little detour. The boys went down a side road and stopped at the rail way tracks, got out of the truck for a minute and then got back in and headed towards the check stop. As the boys were driving through an officer waved them in to be checked. He shone the light in and saw the juice and glasses but it was also pretty obvious that the boys hadn’t been drinking. The cop did ask them why they stopped at the tracks because you could see them from the check stop. They only replied that they had to go to the washroom. So he told them to move on.
The first thing the boys did was to drive back to the tracks. They got out of the truck again for a few seconds and then headed down the hiway. It wasn’t even 2 minutes when they saw flashers behind them. They were being pulled over. This was actually what they had expected to happen. So Jake and Dallas pulled over and waited. It was actually pretty exciting because it wasn’t just one cop but rather two cop cars were pulling them over. Of course all the questions came up especially the one asking them what they needed the orange juice and glasses for. All they told the cops was that it was for drinking. Well the next two hours was spent sitting in the ditch while the cops went through the truck with a fine tooth comb and of course they didn’t find anything. The guys did notice that the cops were annoyed but they just thought it was hilarious. The cops told them they were free to go but they also warned them to be careful.
The rest of the night wasn’t without its events either. By the time Jake and Dallas went home for the night they had been pulled over a total of seven times and got no tickets. They did however annoy a lot of cops and were even accused of wasting tax payer’s money by playing their little games. The next weekend they decided not to press their luck and went back to going out to the bush parties. However they would always remember that Saturday night as one of the best Saturdays ever.

Dale Mazurek

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