Saturday, March 24, 2007

How To Write An Internet Press Release (Part 1)

Press release are a great way to let the entire internet world about something big that just happened or something big that is about to happen. Maybe your organization has just won a major award for something. Or maybe you are about to launch a new product. Press releases get indexed by the search engines and help you to achieve your number one goal and that is to drive traffic to your site or sites. Personally I use press releases just before I am about to start another large article series. Many of my series are 10 to twenty articles long.

Why Should You Write Them

Writing press releases can be very beneficial to your business in so many ways. Many editors will look at your press release. If they feel it is going to get people interested then they will publish it into their ezines. By doing that you are ensuring yourself free traffic. It is also another link to your website and most of us know what that means. The more positive links you have to your site the more times the search engines are going to pick it up thus moving it higher in the rankings. Finally I would like to think you are running an honest no scam business. By issuing press releases you can keep your business fresh. Your loyal customers will see the growth and remain loyal while knew customers will realize that this is possibly something they should be looking at.

How Should I Write Them.

Well practise does make perfect. The more you write the better you will get at it. The most important thing you have to remember is that a press release is not meant to be an advertisement. If you want to put it out that way chances are it will get rejected and even if it does get released publishers won’t be interested because they are looking for content that will provide value for their readers. You’re not writing a book. You want to keep your releases to one page and two at a maximum. Don’t wreck your credibility with the publishers and readers. Just be honest. You can use some hype but don’t lie or embellish. You also want to be straight forward and to the point. A press release isn’t the place to pretty up your story. Write it in a way that everyone can understand. You have to remember your going to have everyone from teenage dropouts to doctors reading your press release. I don’t care what you are selling you need to make your press release go out to everyone. If it is directed towards a certain audience it’s going to look too much like an advertisement.

For me press releases have become a great source of traffic. Especially when I am about to start a new article series. Anyone who has read my prior series usually watch for the next one to come out and with the right keywords anyone looking for something in particular might come along my release thus possibly adding another customer.

Dale Mazurek

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This is the first article of two on how and why you should issue press releases. It is just another very helpful tool that can be used to promote your business greatly if used properly.

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