Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hello to everyone

First I would just like to say thanks to everyone who has taken the time to drop by and have a look at my blog. The series on how to write a novel is quickly coming to an end so I suggest you guys use it however you want because shortly after its done on my blog I plan on formatting it and making an e book out of it. However for now it is still free to my readers so enjoy. Some of the things that are coming up in my blog are more short stories. I have no shortage of them in fact I am at about 1000 written with plans for another 1000. I will also be giving tips on anything from writing poetry to writing an effective resume, business letter, short story, thesis, book report and many other writing topics. So there will be a great mixture of learning going on inside my blog.
Another exciting thing that is happening is the launching of my two newest blogs. I am fine tuning them right now and hope to have them open to the public by the weekend. One is about fishing for the everyday guy and the other is about relationships. I am very excited about both of them. I also wouldn’t mind if you took a look at the site that I promote. It does make me a lot of money on the internet. Some people consider it the best training tool available for working on line. I will leave that link at the bottom of the page.
So for now I will once more say thank you and hope you keep enjoying coming to my blog. I would also ask that you tell your friends and family about my writings because I hope I could have many interesting things for different people.
Remember every second you don’t use is a second you can never have back no matter how hard you work.
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Thanks Dale Mazurek

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