Wednesday, March 14, 2007


John was on his way to his most favorite thing in the world. He was on his way to the circus side show. Some people might ask how a circus side show could be a full grown mans favorite place to visit. What most people didn’t know was that this side show was no ordinary side show, and for some reason you knew it wasn’t ordinary then chances are you wouldn’t be around to talk about it. Even john had no clue as to why he was still around. He guessed it was because he could keep his mouth shut and the people at the show knew it.
Today was like any other day. John was excited as he walked around the back of the circus tent. There was a long line up of people waiting to see the side show as there usually was. John knew that once inside there was two ways to go. Most would go to the right but for those very few that took the other route; this would be the last time they would ever wait in any lineup again anytime anywhere.
Once inside John knew which way he wanted to go. He took a left through door marked maintenance and almost immediately found himself sliding down a very long dark tunnel. He knew he was getting close to the bottom because the screams were getting louder. Now these were the sounds he looked forward to all year long. Finally he hit bottom and the zombies started coming at him until they realized who it was that just came through the chute. Almost immediately they turned back forgetting he was even there. Then they continued on with the events happening right in front of john.
Gathered around a circle shaped cage were about 30 zombies. The undead that kept this freaky side show running. Hollywood was right on with their renditions of what zombies should look like. In the middle of the cage there was3 adults screaming. They had body parts missing; they were bleeding profusely, while begging for their lives. The zombies were taking turns entering the cage to get pieces of these humans. They would then leave to eat while the next one entered. This vicious cycle would carry on until there was no food left. Then they would have to wait for the next person to come sliding down the chute.
John had been coming down here for over ten years now. He didn’t know what kept him coming but for him it was some kind of crazy turn on.
A few seconds later another unsuspecting victim came sliding down the chute. Almost immediately everything changed for john. He had never felt the experience he was feeling right now. For the first time in ten years he didn’t want this girl to be eaten. He had seen many pretty ladies come down this chute but none that have ever given him the feelings that he was experiencing right now. The girl looked directly into his eyes as she was being pulled away to be thrown in the cage.
John knew there was nothing he could do. The entire time this girl was being ripped apart she never said a word. She never whimpered in pain but instead just stared at John until there was no longer any life left in her body. This did something to him. Something that made him rethink his last ten years.
He knew there was nothing he could do at the moment, however at that moment he decided that once he got out of there he would finally some way put a stop to this insanity. Immediately he knew he was in trouble. What he hadn’t known all these years was that these zombies could read his mind. They all started coming towards him. John tried getting away but only through his instincts to live. He knew it was a waste of time. He quickly realized that not now or ever would he see the light of day again.
The pain was excruciating as the zombies started taking turns at ripping his body parts off of him. He had absolutely no idea why but his very final thought as a living human being was at how this year’s circus side show was a let down.

Dale Mazurek

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