Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hello To Everyone

Hey everybody. I am just writing to say thank you to everyone who has come on and read my series on writing a novel and my short stories. I am sorry I havent posted mre personally but I am making that commitment to all of you right now. I hope everyone is enjoying what they are reading. The novel series is about three quarters done and the short stories will go on forever. I am working on a whole lot more of writing tips that I will start posting once the novel series is done. Remember you have to love writing to continue writing. presently I work full time in the oil patch but all my off time is spent enhancing my income on the internet. I have to say that things are looking pretty nice right now. I am supplementing my income nicely. If anyone is interested in some of the other things I do on line then email me at Personally I hate autoresponders so you wont be getting one when you email me so please be patient and I will definately get back to you.

Thanks Dale Mazurek

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