Monday, March 26, 2007

How To Write An Internet Press Release (Part 2)

Press releases are a great way to let the entire internet world know about something big that just happened or something big that is about to happen. Maybe your organization has just won a major award for something. Or maybe you are about to launch a new product. Press releases get indexed by the search engines and help you to achieve your number one goal and that is to drive traffic to your site or sites. Personally I use press releases just before I am about to start a new article series. Many of my series are 10 to 20 articles long.

The Body

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE should always be your header. You need a headline. It should be in bold writing, it should be short but powerful. Never send a press release without a dateline. Now you have the body. It only needs to be a couple of paragraphs to be effective. First paragraph should answer who, what, where, when and why. The second should give a few more details. Your boilerplate should remain the same on all your press releases. It gives a brief description about who you are and what you do. Finally you should put your contact info in. This should include name address, phone number, email and website.


Remember that its not only humans but machines reading your press release as well so your going to want to make it compatible to both. Keywords are the key. Make sure there relevant to your press release and remember no more than 5 percent of your writing should be key words. Also make sure you know how to place your keywords into header tags.

Now You Want To Promote

The most effective way to promote your press releases is through on line press release services. There are many out there. Go ahead and search “press release submission”. Another way is that you can send them to your editors by email or just create links off of your site to them.

For me press releases have become a great source of traffic. Especially when I am about to start a new article series. Anyone who has read my prior series usually watch for the next one to come out and with the right keywords anyone looking for something in particular might come along my release thus adding another potential client.

Thanks Dale Mazurek

Dale is an expert author with EzineArticles with more than 60 articles published. You can also check out two of his up and coming interactive blogs at and

This is the second article of two on how and why you should issue press releases. It is just another very helpful tool that can be used to promote your business greatly if used properly

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