Sunday, March 4, 2007

Write Your Novel Step By Step (Part 5)

This is going to be the fifth excerpt on writing your novel. I am going to try and put these editions out as quickly as I can but that is only when time allows. I love writing and that is what I am doing all the time. Am I a good writer? I don’t know. What I do know is that I am getting to be a better writer with every word I put on paper and you too can become a good writer. To write your novel just follow these steps that I am laying out and at the end you will have something that at least you are proud of.

21. Rough, Rough Draft

Get one blank page out of your character scribbler and write your entire story on it. I want you to write the first paragraph, the last one and then the entire body of your story in between. Obviously as an author this may sound dumb but it gives you a very brief outline of what you’re writing about and it’s kind of cool to look back at it later and see how the two actually compare.

22. Know Where Your Going

Do not and I mean Do Not start writing yet. First you have to make sure you are absolutely clear about your characters. You need to know their roles and know who they are and you absolutely have to make sure it is written down in your scribbler. Trust me when I say you can’t just start a story and let the characters write it for you. Only a select few writers can get away with this. I know, I tried and failed miserably.

23. Decorate Your Writing Room

Okay now all those pages in the scribbler that you filled. I want you to take them all out and hang them on the walls. I don’t care where you’re writing this is an absolute must. You can’t just put them in a drawer. You need to be able to refer to them at a glance.

24. Get Serious

Now I want you to sit down, rack your brain and write your first paragraph. I want you to take your time with this. I want the paragraph written just as it is going to stay in the story. Eventually you are going to edit a lot of parts in your story but I never want this first paragraph edited. Your entire novel is going to hang on this. So I don’t care if it takes you all day and night to write that first paragraph.

25. Your Map

Now you have a map of where you want to be. Your characters are built. The commitment is made. You have a strong starting paragraph. You have outlined the story. You have built direction for yourself. All of your tools are ready for quick use. Now all you have to do is write your novel.

I know a lot of this seems like its going no where but trust me I write this from experience. Writing a book is no easy task. I wish someone would have helped me out like this when I first started writing. I will tell you one thing. Now this relates to me and it could to you but you have to want it to. No matter how hard the writing got I never disliked it. I still love writing and maybe this is a pipe dream but I hope to be able to retire and live totally off the money I earn from writing. Okay this is the end of lesson 5. I hope you are enjoying it so far. I also hope you are taking advantage of the opportunity to print this out because if all goes well I will make this into an e book so take advantage of it free.

Dale Mazurek

Dale is presently in the process of getting his first novel published. He has also started dabbling in short stories. You can find some of these on his blog at And lastly he deals a little in the affiliate marketing gig which can be checked out at or

In writing my novel I learnt a lot of things the hard way so I just wanted to put this series out there for would be writers to help them on their path to writing their own book.

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