Monday, March 5, 2007

Write Your Novel Step By Step (Part 7)

This is going to be the seventh excerpt on writing your novel. I am going to try and put these editions out as quickly as I can but that is only when time allows. I love writing and that is what I am doing all the time. Am I a good writer? I don’t know. What I do know is that I am getting to be a better writer with every word I put on paper and you too can become a good writer. To write your novel just follow these steps that I am laying out and at the end you will have something that at least you are proud of.

31. Don’t Confuse Your Reader

Make your decisions early and stick with them. If you don’t your firstly going to confuse your reader and secondly your going to lose your reader. Changing point of views half way through the story could and probably would be a disaster. This way to the reader gets early clarification of how the story is going to run and gets no surprises later on.

32. Don’t Be Scared To Write

This is huge. You have to learn to write all the time. For most of you writing your novel isn’t your full time career so you have to take advantage of any spare time you get. Make sure you always have your notepad with you. During lunch you can write. If you’re waiting for a meeting to start go ahead and write. Just anytime you have a spare moment go ahead and write. 15 minutes here and there might not seem like much but you would be surprised at how many pages it results in.

33. What’s Next

You have to keep the readers wanting more. So one of the biggest parts of your fiction novel is suspense. The readers always want more so keep your book suspenseful and keep the suspense exciting. Always be leading up to something. You have to get rid of the boring parts because I don’t know about you but as soon as a book gets boring I lose interest and probably never pick it up again. Maybe it gets good again later but once I'm gone I'm gone.

34. Silent Communication

Don’t forget to use body language in your novel. This can be a great way to describe characters. Let’s say you have a love scene. Well there really is no better way to describe a love scene other than body language. Oh sure you have to decide where the best place to use it is. How you do that is take your time to think out the scenes and decide if they could be made better with the use of body language.

35. Two Forms Of Writing

When I wrote my novel everything was done with pen and paper first. This is what I would suggest for you as well. Ya sure it may seem like it takes longer but I promise you when you are writing everything flows a whole lot smoother with pen and paper. You just write. You don’t worry about neatness or spell checking. Once your finished writing then by all means go ahead and start putting your work on the computer. Once again you can have a look at the small stuff like obvious spelling mistakes but just go ahead and type. This way you have already been through your story twice before you even start editing.

I know a lot of this seems like its going no where but trust me I write this from experience. Writing a book is no easy task. I wish someone would have helped me out like this when I first started writing. I will tell you one thing. Now this relates to me and it could to you but you have to want it to. No matter how hard the writing got I never disliked it. I still love writing and maybe this is a pipe dream but I hope to be able to retire and live totally off the money I earn from writing. Okay this is the end of lesson 7. I hope you are enjoying it so far. I also hope you are taking advantage of the opportunity to print this out because if all goes well I will make this into an e book so take advantage of it free.

Dale Mazurek

Dale is presently in the process of getting his first novel published. He has also started dabbling in short stories. You can find some of these on his blog at and lastly he deals a little in the affiliate marketing gig which can be checked out at

In writing my novel I learnt a lot of things the hard way so I just wanted to put this series out there for would be writers to help them on their path to writing their own book.

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