Monday, March 5, 2007

Write Your Novel Step By Step (Part 6)

This is going to be the sixth excerpt on writing your novel. I am going to try and put these editions out as quickly as I can but that is only when time allows. I love writing and that is what I am doing all the time. Am I a good writer? I don’t know. What I do know is that I am getting to be a better writer with every word I put on paper and you too can become a good writer. To write your novel just follow these steps that I am laying out and at the end you will have something that at least you are proud of.

26. Writing Goals

This is a very important decision in writing your novel. You have to set a goal for your self. How much are you going to write everyday? I don’t care if your goal is one page or fifteen but let’s make sure we make it realistic. Some days you may only write half a page and other days you may write ten or fifteen. When I am working on my novel my goal is about 5 pages a day. Again this isn’t set in stone. It’s not like you are going to go to writer’s hell if you don’t write enough but it is nice to get on a schedule and try and stay there the best you can.

27. Get Things Straight

Okay even though your novel is fiction you’re going to quickly turn readers off if your facts are wrong. Like don’t say a little town called Great Falls in New York when we all know clearly that Great Falls is in Montana. It’s so easy these days to keep your facts straight with a little bit of research. There are so many options available to you and for the most part they are free. Firstly you have the internet where you can find just about anything you need but for the more conservative person you can probably find anything you need at the public library. I can’t stress how important it is for you to keep your reader reading by getting things straight.

28. Make Sure Your Reader Is In The Story

So so important that your reader knows who is talking in the story. Dialogue will help keep your story moving forward and strong. If the reader feels like he is in the middle of the action he is going to want to be there the entire time. Don’t talk too much about what is going to happen in the future but instead let it happen and your reader will fall right into it.

29. Use Yourself

Here's a little character trick. Who do you know better than anyone else in the world? Of course the answer to that question is you. So why not make yourself the main character in your book. Use one of the pages in your scribbler to describe yourself. Get very detailed. Write down your hair color, eye color, your weight, favorite television shows and everything you can think of. Make sure you write down all your good and bad habits as well.

30. You Can Do It

I just want you to know that there is no doubt in my mind that you can write your novel. I also want you to stop thinking that you can’t write it either. The only person that is going to stop you is yourself. Oh sure some people may write quicker or slower and some people may write a little better or worse but we will get into editing later. All you have to do to make sure you complete this project is to make a commitment to yourself. So go look in a mirror and promise yourself that no matter how long it takes you are going to finish your book.

I know a lot of this seems like its going no where but trust me I write this from experience. Writing a book is no easy task. I wish someone would have helped me out like this when I first started writing. I will tell you one thing. Now this relates to me and it could to you but you have to want it to. No matter how hard the writing got I never disliked it. I still love writing and maybe this is a pipe dream but I hope to be able to retire and live totally off the money I earn from writing. Okay this is the end of lesson 6. I hope you are enjoying it so far. I also hope you are taking advantage of the opportunity to print this out because if all goes well I will make this into an e book so take advantage of it free.

Dale Mazurek

Dale is presently in the process of getting his first novel published. He has also started dabbling in short stories. You can find some of these on his blog at and lastly he deals a little in the affiliate marketing gig which can be checked out at

In writing my novel I learnt a lot of things the hard way so I just wanted to put this series out there for would be writers to help them on their path to writing their own book.

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