Saturday, March 3, 2007


Jake was devastated at his grandmothers funeral. He and granny were always very close. She did live a good life. Granny was 93 when she died and the only cause of death was heart failure due to old age. The other thing Jake knew was that granny was loaded and she had promised him a very generous gift at her death. So when he was asked to attend the reading of her will he was obviously excited as any one of us would have been. Jake was very careful not to show his enthusiasm. Whether people liked it or not Jake truly did love his granny and he truly wished she were still alive. Never the less she wasn’t still alive so why shouldn’t he be excited about the promise that his granny made to him.
At the reading there were a number of relatives present. They were all getting small things like furniture, arts, crafts and some even got some small amounts of money. Finally the lawyer got to Jake and it was everything he could do to hide his enthusiasm. About two minutes later the joyous enthusiasm turned into a very quiet lonely anger. The lawyer read out that granny left the most important gift to her grandson Jake. This was her treasured bible. He told her that granny was quite adamant that this book was her most prized possession. The bible was about 80 years old and Jake knew that granny had probably read it from cover to cover a number of times. However Jake knew that he wouldn’t be following in grannies footsteps. He knew he would never read the bible. Jake left the lawyers office with a smile on his face but extreme anger in his heart. When he got home he threw the bible in the bottom of his closet and that’s where it sat forgotten about until about 3 months later.
Jake got home from school to find that a water line had busted in the house and pretty much formed a river running right through his bedroom using his closet as a dam. When he opened the closet a ton of water came flooding out along with all kinds of ruined possessions of his. Along with those possessions was the bible that his grandmother had given to him upon her death. At first glance he didn’t think anything of the bible. He started picking through his stuff to see if there was anything salvageable. When he got to the bible he was about to throw it in the garbage when something caught his eye. There was a piece of paper sticking out of the middle of the water logged pages. Jake pulled the paper out and was surprised to see that it was completely legible. The water had not ruined it like it did everything else. The pages in the bible were all turned to mush. Jake realized that the paper was a letter from his granny. He sat on the bed to read it.

Dear Jake:
Hi there sweetie. Well if you’re reading this letter then obviously I have died. First of all I would like to say thank you for always being there for me. You didn’t wait until I was sick to visit me like an obligation or something. I promised you a special reward at my death and this letter will explain to you how to retrieve it. There are a number of clues throughout the bible. You have to put the clues together and after that you will be able to retrieve your reward. Jake I want you to know that this book was my most prized possession. I promise that once you get all the clues it will be very easy to figure out the riddle and then you can collect your reward. Jake the reward is what’s left of my estate which is a total of 3 million dollars. I would in no way be happier knowing that you got the money and that you are enjoying it. However Jake there is one catch to this and that is you have to claim the money in 60 days or it will be forever lost to you. In the event you do not claim the funds I have set it up so that the funds are evenly distributed among the homeless in our country. So Jake the final words you will see from me are I hope you enjoy, thank you and I love you.
Signed: Granny

Jake opened up the bible and saw that there was barely a legible word left in the book. It wouldn’t have mattered if there was because granny had been dead for over three months now and the dead line was sixty days.
Jake just started laughing. He remembered how pissed off he was. Now in retrospect he realized exactly how greedy he was. He also realized that the biggest rewards could come in the most unusual packages. He couldn’t stop laughing as he walked out of his bedroom tossing the ruined bible into the garbage can on his way out

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Anonymous said...

loved it thankyou for this inspiring story im trying to base a play on greed and this has been a great help x

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I enjoyed your story

pinky said...

this z fantastic

lee woo said...

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for inspiring us. Keep it up and continue on what your doing. Visit my site too.